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Exposure Bracketing

Have you ever taken a photo of your listing, only to realize that it looks washed out, or too dark?

You’re not alone! It’s hard to get the perfect exposure when shooting real estate photos. You want to show off the best features of your listing, but you also want to make sure that the light is warm and inviting.

Exposure bracketing is a technique that allows real estate photographers to capture a series of images, each with a different exposure. The human eye can adjust to light levels and see brighter or darker tones as needed. Exposure bracketing mimics that ability.

In other words, you can shoot one image that is exposed for the indoor light temperature, and another image that is exposed for the outside light temperature at the same time. Then you blend them together to create an image that looks like what your eyes would see if looking at the property in person.

At Annadel Designs, we hand blend all of our photos to give you the best, most natural-looking result.

Exposure blending helps showcase your listing in the best light—literally!